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Grand Paradise Samaná

Carefully protected by the mountains, “Salto del Limón” is one of the highest waterfalls of the Caribbean. It is located about 30 minutes from Samaná, in the region of “El Limón”, by the highway that joins it with Las Terrenas.

Its waters take greenish hues while sliding down the wall –over 40 feet of whole rock- while running over ferns and moss, creating a natural pool at the bottom.

Reaching the falls can be done by mule, horse or feet, through luscious and tropical paths, until reaching the top, from where the falls can be observed in their full splendor.

“Salto del Limón” is one of the most seductive natural beauties of the country due to the nice weather of the area, the unparallel sights, service by tour guides and the magical sound of the water sliding, falling and splashing all around, with its fresh and clear drops of paradise life.


By: Javier Noguera